Redline Weber Carburetor Conversion Kit for the 225 V6



Tired of trying to rebuild that Rochester 2gc, float/bowl problems, and making altitude adjustments?  We have now introduced a solution to all of your carburetor problems.  We know offer a brand new Weber 38mm DGES, electric choke that comes with all of the conversion parts to adapt this to your small pattern 2 barrel Dauntless 225 V6 (adapter plate, gaskets, linkage kit, and chrome air filter).  This kit works on all years of the Jeepsters and CJs with the 225 Rochester style 2 barrel.  This kit is a must for those looking for a newer better technology, those running larger tires, off-roading, and those that have a modified engines.  It will provide considerably more torque and horsepower during acceleration but the top end performance will be improved as well.

  • Notes: Always check your factory fuel system. The REDLINE only requires 2.5 to 3 Lbs. of fuel pressure. If you use an original style mechanical fuel pump you will be fine. If you use an electric fuel pump you may need to add a fuel pressure regulator to these systems.
  • The 38 DGES synchronous carburetor when supplied in kit form from REDLINE is also pre-calibrated and pre-jetted for use on stock or slightly modified motors and will not be over carbureted. It also provides the best starting point for engines that are ultimately going to be upgraded with additional performance Items with performance over fuel economy being the ultimate goal. If you have significant upgrades to your engine a jet kit may be needed that we offer as well.
  • This kit come with a new chrome air filter and the filter is re-usable/washable.  If you would like to use another air cleaner we do offer a plate conversion kit (99010-457) that allows you to use other air filters.
  • Your original cable operated linkage will work with this kit.  We offer the original cable is needed and a universal cable from Redline if needed (99006.103).
  • If you have a TH 400 automatic you will need to use a Lockar kick down for your kick down to operate properly.  You can fabricate a bracket to use the original Jeepster kick down if you have the ability/tools, otherwise purchase a Lockar kick down.
  • A snorkel kit is available if needed. This kit allows you to move the air filter to a remote location or above the water line for the tough river forge or just to get the filter out of the dust and mud Zone into the passenger compartment or up on the roll bar. (99010.357)
  • 60 day tech support from Redline 800-733-2277 ext. 7457 or


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