1967 Jeepster Deluxe Model Convertible


This is an original vehicle with 6,000 miles on it.  This is one of the rarest jeepsters in the world.  Museum quality on an un-restored jeepster.  You will step back in time when you see this vehicle.  Please read the specifics along with the justjeepsters authentication and 2017 appraisal below

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I have inspected well over 300 jeepsters and have owned over 200. It takes time, skill, and knowledge to verify a jeepsters authenticity. I am considered an expert on originality and my appraisals have held up in court. For this 1967 jeepster, I spent 2 years researching the entire history which included paper work and conducting personal interviews with relatives and people that knew the original owner. Recently while cleaning the jeepster, I combed over every inch to verify its originality. I verify it is correct and the mileage as stated is the actual mileage which is 6,019 miles.

History: This jeepster was purchased new by Al Hoffer of Hoffer/Morton Jeep in IL. After Al passed, it went to the heirs of his estate and was sold through power of attorney to a person named Shaun King. Justjeepsters purchased the vehicle from King in 2013. Until this time, the jeepster spent the majority of its years in storage and was hardly ever started or driven for a period of time spanning over 40 years.

Originality: The only non-original items are as follows: the hood and latches were replaced in its early age due to the hood latches being left unlatched and the hood flying open while driving. There is some small damage/repair to the rear as a result of it being driven by one of the grandchildren of the owner. Al Hoffer had the hand painted pin stripes added at his dealership along with a blue convertible top/boot with a real glass window. When King purchased the jeepster, the motor had to be disassembled to address a frozen wrist pin.

This jeepster had the original spark wires containing the manufacturing date which was commonly stamped on spark plug wires in that era. It also has the original Bias-Ply tires which have flat spots on them from sitting.

Value: This jeepster has the straightest body and best fitting doors/windows/top I have ever seen on a jeepster. I place the current value of this jeepster as museum quality with a selling price between 45 and 52K in todays market. In its first car show in Festus MO. The jeepsters stunning and like new appearance along with its impeccable originality convinced a team of judges to award it first place. Justjeepsters resurrected this jeepster and it is now like it was brand new – truly one of the rarest surviving original jeeps in the world.

Mark Vilbert owner justjeepsters.com LLC